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Hello there Painted Grinners. We hope you had a nice Christmas and a tolerable New Year (someone was sick on my shoe as the clock struck midnight this year – I didn’t scowl too much though they gave me a fiver for it.)

So we thought we’d let you know what is going on with us and Benny’s bar, because as you’ve probably noticed if you have been by recently that it’s shut. Due to Benny’s dick head of a building landlord putting up Ben’s rent by £10,000 Benny’s no longer exists in London (he’s reopening up in Leith, Scotland though for those hard core fans who want to go up on the Megabus.)

We are very sad to say goodbye to Benny’s as we have had so much fun there over the last year and a half but as one door shuts, another opens and we have a new venue in South London. I cannot say anymore than that at the moment as we are still in talks with them, but we’ll update here in the near future as soon as we know more information. Until then all that there is left to say is thank you to Benny Abbott and the team who looked after us so well over the last year and a half, goodbye Benny’s and we’ll see you all soon!

Whilst we’re away why not have a listen to our podcast here or watch a little tribute video I made to The Painted Grin @ Benny’s Bar here… happy new 2013 everyone and we’ll see you soon.

Love Oli, Jayde & Janet.

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